All You Need To Know About Scotty Beam’s Primary NFT Collection

Scotty Beam
2 min readDec 13, 2021


Hello beamers!

Hope you had a great weekend and took your mind and soul away from the craziness of this world. But today is Monday, and that means the wheel shall spin again. It’s high time that we discuss my upcoming NFT collection in all the juicy details.

My primary collection will have ~5000 unique NFTs providing one of these utilities to its holders:

  1. Up to 50% discounts for NFT Teleporter

Nobody likes to overpay for transaction fees, and while my Teleport is more budget-friendly than default bridge options, I think it would be grand to give loyal supporters a discount for my primary service.

2. Discount for cross-chain P2P exchanges

Same logic applied here, basically. I believe the P2P NFT exchange will be used more in the future and cryptonians all around the globe could use some sweet discounts for it.

3. Discount for NFT Validator

Another little tool of mine, The Validator, verifies all information about NFT, confirms its origin and value. A useful tool should be used more often to prove the authenticity of the NFT, and discounts make it more favorable.

4. Up to 50% more staking APR and chances to mine NFT from the Vault

As good as staking works at the moment, it could be improved. I think adding more bonuses and additional NFTs for staking efforts will go a long way.

5. Guaranteed allocations in cross-chain NFT sales

Last, but not least, Scotty Beam NFT owners should have first-choice preference and access to the newest drops on my platform. And of course NFTs will be separated into four rarity levels, with the most rare NFTs being more valuable:

  1. Legendary (~1% from total)
  2. Epic (~10% from total)
  3. Rare (~30% from total)
  4. Uncommon (~59% from total)

So you can calculate how many NFTs you should buy to get at least rare Scotty ;-)

Must Know!

Starting today, staking SCOTTY will also influence your chances of getting allocation in Scotty Beam INO and all INOs that we will launch on our own cross-chain INO platform! We also just increased NFT bonuses for our stakers and updated the percentage rates.

Also during the INO on my website you could buy Scotty Beam NFTs for $SCOTTY tokens 25% cheaper than for USDT!

And that’s only the beginning!

Scotty over and out.