Clarification On MarketMove Audit

Scotty Beam
Nov 18, 2021


Live long and prosper, cryptonians!

I was just made aware about an unappealing AI-generated MarketMove audit that wrongly puts Scotty Beam in a bad light. I will keep it short and sweet…

This is NOT the actual token implementation contract. This is a proxy contract that points to a token implementation contract that resides at address 0x81D1C13E2b136229B90B5D036d291037a057b18f.

Source code of this proxy contract was adapted from the widely accepted open source contract by OppenZeppelin. You can find the link to the OppenZeppelin open source project below:

Mixups do happen, especially with AI-generated audits. Hopefully this clears my name of any accusations of being a ‘honeypot’. Thanks for your attention, just thought I need to address this issue before my community gets a wrong impression.

Scotty over and out!