Fake NFTs? Not Under My Watch!

🕵Remember when I confessed about my bar-dwelling tendencies? Well, I have a lot of stories to tell about that phase of mine. About that one time I scanned an NFT, Donnie Brasco style.

🔎So one day a finely dressed gentleman (let’s call him ‘Righty’) approached me near the counter. He knew who I was, and asked me to look at one beautiful thing… an NFT, and what did you think about there, man? And I’m like “Oh-kay, let’s see whatcha got…”

❗️ ❕Something shiny. Something sparkly. Something… fugazi. I pushed it away and took a sip.

— Why don’t you give it to your wife?
— My wife? How am I gonna give it to my wife? I ain’t married.
— Got a girlfriend?
— Yeah, I got a girlfriend.
— So marry her.
— Listen, all I want from my end is $8,000.
— And I’m saying you should give it to somebody that doesn’t know better, because that’s a fugazi.
— How do you know it’s a fugazi? You looked at it for two seconds.
— I did. But the NFT scanner in my hands didn’t…

❤️The man was flabbergasted and didn’t know what to do. But hey, I didn’t leave him hanging. I showed that old feller something really beautiful.

— There you go. Ain’t that something? That’s a beautiful thing.
— Yeah, that is a beautiful thing, but it’s not my thing. What about this?
— What do you want me to say? Go ahead, try and sell it, if you want to be a dumbsky.

Nothing personal to that gentleman, just business.

💡Don’t want to find yourself in the same situation? Well, then you need to use my NFT Validator, so next time someone will try to sell you a fugazi, you would know it.

Or just forget about it

🖖🏼Scotty over and out. Follow me on Twitter, haste ye back!