Generate More Sales With Cross-Chain NFT Teleportation

Scotty Beam
1 min readDec 13, 2021


Efficiency is key when it comes to generating revenue in marketplaces. The NFT market is no different, but the current issues with bridging have created a couple of problems.

1. Transfers are difficult and costs can be high

2. Bridging is time-consuming, meaning that sales are lost through delays

3. Because of this difficulty, people end up stuck on chains with high fees and low interest

By using Scotty Beam’s NFT teleportation, these issues disappear in an instant. This means:

1. Flexibility to find the best rates for NFT sales

2. The ability to “shop around” to find the most active marketplaces for your NFT style and type

3. More sales thanks to immediate transfers

The wider knock-on effect of an easy-to-use teleportation system is that customer and trader numbers will go up as a whole, as people who previously would have given up on the NFT market will come back. And with the NFT market continuing to grow at a rapid rate, there is already considerable incentive.

Scotty Beam gives you control over your NFT sales and in doing so, increases your earning potential and powers the continued growth of the NFT industry.