How Scotty’s Unexpected Adolescent Affection and Unorthodox Entrepreneurial Dream Inspired the Latest Teleport Improvement

Okay, so remember how in the last entry I hinted at another pesky thought I had?

💭Yeah, well, it’s not really a recent thought. And it’s more of a dream that goes waaay back. And there is an important story tied to it! So you will first have to listen to my story, before you get to learn what’s new with the Teleport.

👏🏼(Unless you have read the image text already. In that case, good for you.)

🌍I will assume you know your history and the fact that hamsters as a species originate from Syria. That’s on Earth. The one with the Sun and stuff.

This story dates back to the time when I was yet to unlock my true potential. I was on a trip to the land of my ancestors.

🚜Back then I was still restricted to using human transportation. Of course, my flight schedule got completely messed up, as it usually did, so I had a whole day to myself in Turkey (also on Earth) before they would provide a transfer to my final destination.

There I made the greatest discovery of my lifetime–the kebab!

🌯I still remember the feeling of sinking my teeth into the delicious combination of perfectly proportioned assortment of fine meat and selected veggies. It made me forget about all of my troubles and that Earthen heat (great discomfort for fur-wearing fashionistas like myself).

Unbeknownst to me, if only for a mere moment, I have wandered into what could only be described as a gourmet oasis!

🏰That’s when I knew it was destiny. A match made in heaven. I knew that one day I, Scotty Montgomery Beam, will share this glorious creation of the human species with the cosmos and launch my own kebab chain.

That day is yet to come.

For years I have treasured the idea of my own kebab chain under the code name of Oasis Kebab Experimental (OKExChain for short).

🌌Now imagine my genuine surprise when I found out that someone has appropriated the name OKExChain for a completely different project! And it had nothing to do with kebabs! How unfortunate is that!?

💪🏼However, after doing some of my own digging, I have learned that fellahs meant no harm, they create new opportunities and, apparently, had no intention of embezzlement. I guess I can say that I have grown to admire the aspiration of OKEx for fair trading.

🚀That is why I have decided that OKExChain will be the next chain added to the Teleport as the new teleportation point!

Now, in addition to Ethereum, BSC and the recently added HECO, you have OKExChain to teleport to and from!

🌮Super exciting. In fact, I am so excited that I’d happily treat everyone to a delicious kebab.

Picturing that got me hungry, plus, I now have the chore of coming up with a new name for my chain. Off for today!

🖖🏼Scotty over and out.