Introducing Scotty Beam!

Scotty Beam
3 min readOct 25, 2022


First things first, Scotty Montgomery Beam is a hamster….but not just any hamster!

It’s very likely that he’s the only hamster that knows anything about blockchain. So to address the stereotype generally associated with these domesticated rodents — no, Scotty doesn’t spend all his time running in place on a squeaky wheel.

Instead, this genetically modified hamster enjoys space exploration and developing innovative blockchain solutions, with a very keen focus on NFT technology! Scotty Beam’s platform features a first of its kind cross-chain NFT teleport, which we will talk about right now.

NFT Teleport

Scotty Beam created an NFT Teleport that allows you to ‘beam’, or teleport, any of NFTs to any blockchain!

Scotty decided that enabling cross-chain opportunities and defining standards for the whole NFT industry would only be possible through the simple, user-friendly, teleport dApp that supports ETH, BSC, Solana, DOT, FLOW and many more other blockchains! This flexibility gives users the opportunity to sell, trade and buy NFTs on any chain, both quickly and easily.

The system is user-friendly, easy to understand, and gives users a freedom that current systems do not offer. Scotty Beam believes that the opportunities offered by NFTs should be available to everyone, and that starts with cross-chain trading ability. Having more options gives users the choice to make the right decisions for their trading, collecting and creating needs — without limitation.

This increased flexibility also opens up NFTs to a wider audience, removing the barriers, and reducing the knowledge required for newcomers to the space.

Why Is Teleport So Great?

Efficiency is key when it comes to generating revenue in marketplaces. The NFT market is no different, but the current issues with bridging have created a couple of problems…

1. Transfers are difficult and costs can be high

2. Bridging is time-consuming, meaning that sales are lost through delays

3. Because of this difficulty, people end up stuck on chains with high fees and low interest

But by using Scotty Beam’s NFT teleportation, these issues disappear in an instant. This means:

1. There’s a chance to find the best rates for NFT sales

2. You get to generate more sales thanks to immediate transfers

3. You have the ability to “shop around” to find the most active marketplaces for your NFT style and type

The wider knock-on effect of an easy-to-use teleportation system is that customer and trader numbers will go up as a whole, as people who previously would have given up on the NFT market will come back.

So I hear you asking “How can I get my hands on this majestic invention and start beaming NFTs across different chains?” Don’t worry — Scotty got you covered. Refer to his step-by-step instructions and find more information about NFT inventions in the GitBook.

To summarize, Scotty Beam is the type of guy that would be burned on the cross like a witch, or ridiculed for believing that the place of our habitat is not flat. He’s a misunderstood trailblazer that traveled in time and ended up in the wrong timeline… only to make it better.