Public Service Announcement

Holla, adorable humans!

I posted two articles on the Medium blog yesterday. Please review them diligently!

1. What You Need to Know About SCOTTY Locked Tokens

2. This is How You Claim Your SCOTTY Tokens

Locked tokens are based on Kaizen.Finance technology. Will provide you with more information about its specific benefits soon 👍👌

Everyone will receive their locked tokens before Nov 10th, 15:00 UTC, my dears.

Please note that the transfer of locked tokens is turned off until TGE!

Also I have discovered about 15 fake tokens on BscScan. Be cautious and careful, I will reveal the token address a few minutes before the listing!

P.S. I would like to update some info at CoinMarketCap, more specifically the name of the token.

Need added there to manage the project’s self-reporting dashboard.

Scotty Beam



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Scotty Beam

Scotty Beam

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