Reacting To Your Integration Suggestions

Scotty Beam
6 min readMay 4, 2022


Beamers, it’s time to react to your Telegram suggestions for potential integrations and partnerships!

Good old Scotty didn’t expect to get so many good shouts, so he agreed to find some time and sit down to answer your Telegram shouts. The answers are typed out by his loyal human follower, as the boss is only here for the answers, not the typing. And he can’t read and understand most of humanese, so… Are you ready Scotty?

Scotty: I stay ready so I don’t have to get ready. Just bring it!

Polatmania, [27/04/2022 14:09]
[In reply to ScottyBeam Announcements]

Great work guys. I think the team should dox themselves on the website. Scotty should apply for the most valuable builder program of Binance. You get a chance to get listed and get attention from big investors. You guys should also consider to launch a Dex in the future.

Scotty: Some great ideas right here, mate! To those who don’t know, Most Valuable Builder or MVB is a program that helps BSC-based startups create new and exciting innovations, gain industry exposure, receive funding, and accelerate community and business growth. Clearly I wouldn’t mind all of that! Launching a DEX though, is quite ambitious even for a miracle worker
like me. But never say never…

Robert, [27/04/2022 14:56]
[In reply to ScottyBeam Announcements]

Elrond — some NFT bridging starting to happen ETH to Elrond for NFTs, but it’s the projects themselves who are implementing this.

Scotty: Nice shout! Elrond is a highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for distributed apps, enterprise use cases and the new internet economy, as they say on their website. Adding new blockchain support would be great of course. Awesome suggestion!

󰧺 Gbhoy 󰎉 $RCUBE & Twitter guy, will never DM you first 🤙🔥, [27/04/2022 15:14]
[In reply to ScottyBeam Announcements]

Router Protocol. They are shaping up to be the cross chain leader, Scotty Bean could do some great things with Router. Great team that I know well.

Scotty: This format helped me find out about projects I didn’t know of before, so we might make this a recurring segment. After checking out the Router Protocol’s website I can see that they are enabling communication between blockchains, giving users a chance to transfer funds between chains, swap funds and build cross-chain dApps. I’ll give it a good look! Thanks Gbhoy.
Sorry, no time to type out your entire username!

Kazim, [27/04/2022 15:34]
[In reply to Soza]

A walking app, people with hamster NFTs will download this app, hamsters will earn them money based on the distance they walk while the app is open.

Scotty: Kazim had to explain what he meant by the ‘hamster walking app’ and this is the kind of idea that puts a smile on the faces of humans. Not a sarcastic one, no! The idea needs fine-tuning of course. Do we really need a separate app to deliver you walking hamsters? But… I can already see a new staking mechanism where you have to feed your hamster with SCOTTY tokens so it could ‘run the wheel’ and generate you profit. Damn… write that down,
human! Thanks Kazim. Also shout out to Soza who asked Kazim to elaborate.

Bel Ami, [27/04/2022 16:16]
[In reply to ScottyBeam Announcements]

Review the project “cycgo” this is M2E

Scotty: Bro, when I see apps like this I wonder how people come up with such cool ideas. Here, check this copypaste out! “CycGo is a Web3 lifestyle app with Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements. Users equipped with NFT Bicycles — cycling to earn Token, which can be used to level up and mint new Bicycles. Player
can choose to lease or sell their NFT Bicycles on the in-app Marketplace; users’ Token earnings are stored in the in-app Wallet, which has a built-in Swap function.” There’s more interesting info on their website and I’ll be adding them to my watchlist for sure, and will think about how I can deliver a similar experience to my beamers. Thanks Bel Ami!

GS, [27/04/2022 18:23]
[In reply to ScottyBeam Announcements]

U can go for partnership with biconomy. Scotty should work for it’s own blockchain and should reveal team members profile so that we can have more faith…. Actually I am with Scotty from day 1.

Scotty: Hey GS, appreciate the loyalty and being with me since day 1-ish! I heard about Biconomy, but I’ll check them closer soon. There’s a lot to take in about how they do things, multichain relayer protocol sounds like a fun deal. Give me a sec, I’ll go make myself some coffee…

Mysterious Team Member #3: While he’s out, we can answer your question about the team members. You could have seen one of our main human guys doing interviews, so it’s not like we’re hiding from fame. But! Scotty wants to be the star of the show and refuses to share the spotlight. We don’t want to upset our great leader, so hope you understand! Ok, he’s coming back now.

Scotty: I heard some sneaky typing from the kitchen, mate. You better not pull something funny! Don’t type that… ugh, let’s continue.

Bilo0427, [27/04/2022 19:50]
[In reply to ScottyBeam Announcements]

Get cool parterships like bloktopia, radio caca, opensea, sandbox. Good marketing. Look at dks toke. they did good marketing whithout launch the project. And they are very hype today. Should maybe integrate aurora and near in teleportation. They are good network. Of course new cex will bring more investors too… good luck my beamy i ll be with you in each steps that you will do ;)

Scotty: Thanks Bilo, you didn’t have to repeat your message twice, we got it the first time. I’ll be honest, I don’t know what is Radio Caca, but it sounds hilarious and has my interest now. About good marketing — we’re improving on that front. Asking you for suggestions is advice from our newcomer, so yeah, we’re getting better. We’ll write every project you mentioned to our watchlist, have a nice one!

Cris I, [27/04/2022 21:11]
[In reply to ScottyBeam Announcements]

Partnership with Ethernity io and get their authenticated aNFTs on all chains. Waiting to teleport erc 1155 NFTs since the beginning.

Scotty: Oh wow, that’s a lot of NFTs, Cris. For those unaware, Ethernity is the world’s first authenticated & licensed NFT platform, so it should be a good fit. Good suggestion, mate.

Hira, [28/04/2022 01:46]
[In reply to ScottyBeam Announcements]

Partnership with opensea. The app should be used more actively and any playable blockchain game like thetanarena..

Scotty: Can’t disagree with you, we need the app to be more active, it’s the key to our success. Making it more interactive is a natural progression, clearly people want to see Scotty in action!

Cryptoguppy, [28/04/2022 03:04]
[In reply to ScottyBeam Announcements]
Well i would like to say connect with X2Y2 platform. They’re ready for it

Scotty: I bet they are! I’ve been using them a few times, and liked them a lot. No market fee for seller, no gas fee for buyer… seems like someone we could link up with. Thanks for this suggestion Cryptoguppy! You also have a lovely name.

This ends the influx of great suggestions from our Telegram channel. Thanks to everyone who found a free minute to chime in and share their thoughts! Next time we will react to suggestions from Twitter, excuse our delays.

Actually, people who have read this blog update from A to the Z deseve something for their reading efforts. So… you already know that Scotty is an INO platform where projects can put their NFTs up for sale.

Well, we’re planning on host not only INOs, but also IDOs on our platform in the near future, so projects could sell their tokens using our platform!

This is a big step, but we’re working to make it possible. Hope you’ll appreciate that!

Scotty over and out!