Reacting To Your Integration Suggestions, Part II

Scotty Beam
5 min readMay 6, 2022


Hello again, beamers!

Today is Friday, so it only feels right that I check your suggestions from Twitter to close the deal on that front. I’ve shared my reactions on your suggestions from Telegram on Wednesday, so check out that post if you haven’t already.

Shall we start? Let’s get stuck in!

Gugun Aga (@gugunaga): Solana and Near nfts, they are going to be biggest.

Good shout, Gugun! Solana has been our to-do list for a long time. But we already support the likes of Fantom and Avalanche, and have been for some time now. Hope this works for the time being!

Eric (@EDongstra): Projects that have NFT on multiple chains.

Feel like posting this GIF hehehe. But yeah, you’re right bro. Eric has been with us since the very start, it seems like. Hope all’s good my man!

Razvan x (@Razvxxx): Why i can t withdraw my Staked Scotty? And i cant stake more as well.

This is not a suggestion, but I feel like answering it here won’t hurt. Well, answering… I’ll just tell you to PM @ScottyBeamTechy on Telegram. Our support will gladly help you with all technical realted questions. Of course, this is only limited only to our own project, we won’t fix your printers.

demyanik25 (@demyanik25): Collaboration with Elon Musk. When he finds out about your teleport, he will instantly be on Mars. He does not have to fly for several months on the road

Shout to another long-term SCOTTY follower, demyanik! About the Musky fellow, I heard he grabbed some loans to buy Twitter… Don’t get me wrong, his pocket change would still be huge for this hamster, but yeah, I dunno. Plus he’s fawning over doggies, right? Also, one thing that Elon did right — hooked Ukraine up with Starlink. Never say never though, maybe I’ll teach him to smoke weed properly someday.

Gbhoy (@GbhoyDownUnder): Hamsters & cheese! Hook up with my guys at @parma_token Talk to them about NAAS, great utility for $SCOTTY NFT collabs and other dual marketing/networking synergies too Glad to hook you up for a chat

Another amazing shout from Ghboy, who follows us on both Telegram and Twitter! Be like Ghboy, everyone. As for the collab, that would be very interesting indeed. I started following Parma guys on Twitter, but admiteddly didn’t slide into their DMs yet. The cheese does sound nice though, not gonna lie. Thanks for the suggestions!

Hannibal Lector (@Hanniba_llector): Why not put scotty on major nft marketplaces like opennsea,rarible etc and increase its usecase

Great username and avatar, Lector! The suggestion makes sense too, and it collected five likes, which is probably the most popular suggestion among all that were left in that thread. I guess we’ll end up there sooner than later, for now though we are present on Babylons and tofuNFT.

Kaan (@Kaan04234701): Scotty is a meme like token. It has a use, but it can also grab the attention of people who love fun content and community. You can actively partner with a massive meme token while telling people about the teleport feature.

Thanks for suggestions, but I’ll respectfully disagree with you about SCOTTY being a meme token. I don’t know why, but it seems like people in crypto space don’t like to have fun and have to act like they’re choosing a token that will find a cure for cancer. Using humor does not automatically make you a meme, right? There are a lot of ‘meme’ tokens on the market, so it wouldn’t hurt if you were more elaborate in your suggestions.

0xNo0ne (@unexjj): slow rugpull. i wonder if binance listing would save you :)

This tweet is super salty, but I always found the combo ‘slow rugpull’ to be nonsensically funny. Like, make up your mind, dude, we’re either slow, or a ‘rUgPuLl’ . All team tokens are untouched, and we’re still working to turn things around.

Homo cryptos (@futureisvegann): C’mon Scotty, you know what to do!

Eeeeey! That’s more like it! Thanks for the trust, G. And future is indeed vegan, 9/10 hamsters agree with you. The last one is a cannibal.

Feckt Capital (@Toughtittywamp): To be honest, it would just be good to have the team more visible and be kept up to date with key metrics (AMAs, and videos would be ideal). The telegram chat is absolutely terrible. There is a dire need for a discord, but no one seems bothered. Project has so much potential.

You know, at least Feckt Capital took the time to explain what he would improve, which is greatly appreciated. Your suggestions are noted, and thanks for seeing the potential in the Teleport.

This seem to be it for now. Thanks for dropping suggestions, we got some nice info from these two sessions. Hope you all have a good weekend!

Scotty over and out…