Scotty Beam’s November Recap

The days are long, but the months are fast…

Can you imagine, it’s winter already! This was an action-packed autumn, and there’s plenty of things to remember that happened in November.

I won’t be humble — there was a lot of work put into the project by yours truly, and I would like to run through all of the milestones I accomplished along the way. Since this is a debut episode, I might experiment with the formatting later on. I want to present you facts in a digestible format, so that you can sit back and exclaim:

Sheesh, I don’t have time to read, but this is one hard-working hamster!

But I won’t stop you from reading this blog post in all its entirety, we at Scotty Beam space station don’t kink shame our readers. So… let the recap begin!

$100,000 Worth Airdrop Giveaway, NFT Rewards, Escapades

First day of November, and we start with a spicy opener!

We opened entries for airdrop of 250,000 $SCOTTY tokens and 50 NFT packs! The form closed this past Monday, and the winners were announced just yesterday. In case you missed it — wallets of the lucky winners were posted in the most recent update. The tokens to 10 winners are already sent, but NFT packs will come a bit later!

$100,000 worth of tokens and NFTs were airdropped to the community!

65K in tokens and 35K in NFTs (50 NFTs for $600+) which is kind of mad when you think about it. Looking back, it was a fun thing to do, and maybe we will do more of the same later on.

Among other things, I reward my dear followers with NFTs for passing the KYC procedure, which is quite a feat. This reward is like a medal of honor, if you will — not many people have it, and not many plan to sell it on. Some did though, which is fine by me!

The reward NFTs for completing the KYC were successfully delivered, but we didn’t stop there.

If you are following this Medium (if not — what the heck!?!? I thought we were friends) then you couldn’t miss a mini-series called “The Escapades”. It was a 7 chapter thriller, and no hamsters were harmed in the process. Instead, readers were presented with a unique opportunity to earn themselves some more non-fungible goodness by discovering 7 code words in the narrative.

Around 100 people managed to name the code sentence correctly and received their NFTs! All 7 chapters are now graphically enhanced, with comic-like images of your favorite hamster.

Finally, I have announced the staking rewards for my most dedicated supporters. Channeling my inner Oprah Winfrey over here…

24 New Partners, 270 NFT Teleports, 6 Trades

Numbers don’t lie!

While 156,486 total entries for the giveaway blew my roof away, I was even more amazed with the number of partnerships I established in the past month. Not in any particular order, the list is quite beefy!

I also went through the trouble of linking factual evidence of partnerships…

Whew… give me a sec to catch my breath, I don’t get so exhausted when working my wheel. 24 (!) announced partners reeks of Mamba Mentality, and the grind never stops. But just reading the announcements is no fun, people nowadays want to watch stuff too, right? Something for viewing:

  1. This project will revolutionize NFTs by DuRtY Crypto
  2. Scotty Beam Private Sale & AMA by Equinox_Crypto
  3. Scotty Beam compares NFT Teleporter to bridges

While talking about partners, I can’t ignore the fact that now you can find me on tofuNFT, where I have seen 6 trades made with the overall volume of 1.43BNB (~624.94USD) and Babylons, who is the first partner that I integrated with!

More than that, Mutant Ape Travelled cross-chain using Scotty Beam’s NFT Teleporter! That’s a nice segway to announce the total number of teleports made this month — 270!

ETH ERC 721: 7

BSC-ERC721: 257

Polygon — ERC721: 6

Pancake Bunnies, Lil Moon Rockets, Seascape NFTs, CryptoBlades and many more collections were successfully teleported between ETH, BSC and Polygon blockchains!

Ain’t that amazing? The only thing I would like to see is more networks used, but that will come.

Listings Are Not For The Weak-Hearted

In the main event of this recap I could only talk about the hassle of November listings.

Hamsters have unproportionally huge livers, but what can be said about our hearts? They are huge, and they beat with valor till our last moments on God’s Green Earth. Especially when it’s game day and you want everything to go smoothly.

The road to stardom was turbulent, but I’ve managed to get through it in one piece. Not sure if you need all the details, cause the results talk for themselves. Scotty Beam can now be seen on:

Let’s also not forget about EnjinStarter, GameStation, Seedify, Equinox IDOs, and the community sale that happened on Kaizen.Finance, closing in 10 minutes. The price exploded, giving all of the early birds 10X… and the rest is history.

I have surveyed my community on Telegram to find out what they want the most. To the surprise of absolutely nobody, CEX listing trounced every other option. Here, take a look yourself!

And out of the 32% people specified that they don’t want a diet soda, they want the original taste. Duly noted, ladies and gents!

Audit, Top 10 Most Visited Coins… STICKERS!!

To cap off the first edition of the monthly recaps, I want to focus on things that might not look that impressive to you, but gave me a lot of joy and visual gratification from the community.

First I would like to bring your attention to the DeusSec audit that I completed a few months ago, but shared only recently. Security audit of the smart contract is a useful thing, one I couldn’t feel adequate without or move forward.

When you have such a dedicated following, you have to ensure that your technology works like intended. You can study the Scotty Beam token audit yourself, if that tickles your pickle.

I’m not being arrogant about the number of my followers, I have 41.5k on Twitter, which is 36,518 more than I had in October! 1.83M profile visits, 2.25M tweet impressions — safe to say that your boy is getting his name out there.

These huge numbers materialized in the recent “Top 10 Most Visited Coins” list made by!

And finally… the most important piece of business I made in the past month. This is a must-have for any crypto-related project, the bread and butter that the community will feast upon in between asking about CoinGecko.

Of course I’m talking about stickers. An expanded set is available on Telegram! Follow all my channels to keep up with the news, updates, announcements! See you soon.

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First ever cross-chain NFT teleport and space hamster. Website:

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Scotty Beam

Scotty Beam

First ever cross-chain NFT teleport and space hamster. Website:

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