Scotty Beam’s Week In Numbers

Hello, my fellow crypto-explorers!

Dropping in to give you an update on Teleporter work results so far. Why today? Well, we launched just before the previous weekend and y’all must be dying to know how it’s going!

After all, by this time in the project’s life cycle many teams would still be coding away, trying their best to finally release a product that delivers on their promises. But those are human ways and I am a space hamster! My product is up and running.

Scotty Beam Teleporter already (!) managed to move a total of 81 NFTs across the networks with the help of my patented technomagic. Here’s a solid proof that living entities can indeed be teleported without being destroyed in the process, thus ending a long-going debate in quantum physics. I really liked one particular NFT, and hope you’ll forgive me for showcasing it in GIF format… pick of the litter, if you will.

Hot damn, it’s moving! IT IS ALIVE

Also here’s some numbers about my $SCOTTY token!

Listing Price: $0.04

ATH Price: $0.57 (x14)

Current Price: $0.2 (x5)

7 Day Trading Volume: $7.61M

7 Day LP Reward APR: 202.74%

Total Liquidity: $340,571.32

Holders: 8488

As important as these numbers are, let’s also not forget about the impressive growth of the Scotty Beam community in the past month! Here’s some green stats from our Twitter account.

Telegram channels have also performed very well. At the moment of writing this post we have 22,244 subscribers on Scotty Beam Announcements channel, and 16,458 subscribers for Scotty Beam Chat.

Barring the ridiculous DDoS-related number of requests, our official website received around 37,000 unique visitors.

Be sure to follow me on all the channels I pinned in my Linktree!

Scotty over and out.




First ever cross-chain NFT teleport and space hamster. Website:

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Scotty Beam

Scotty Beam

First ever cross-chain NFT teleport and space hamster. Website:

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