Scotty Believes in Lofty Goal, Does His Duty, and… Struggles to Survive

Scotty Beam
3 min readAug 20, 2021

Scotty’s log, Space date: 0089.4., Earth date: 08.20.2021.

Is this ON? It better be.

📧Hey, Ursula. If you find this recording, don’t post it on Medium. It’s not some kind of soap opera. Frankly, I’m not even sure if you ever gonna hear this. Sorry for leaving without notice — I thought I’d come back in and out before you know it.

📝I’m recording this as I travel inside a tiny spacecraft. I mean, it’s not my burrow back at the station obviously, but still… My living quarters are cramped at 3 feet by 3 feet. That’s the whole 9 square feet of loneliness. There is barely room to walk into this area.

How did I end up on this ship light-years from home anyway? You see, here’s a deal.

⁎ ⁎ ⁎

🌌After three prophet-geese appeared to me in my dream and decorated my body with a style star map, I believed there was a reason for that. I had to help stranded races.

And you know what? I actually did. Eventually, I brought intelligent life to the race of ETH.

But as any noble action, it came with a price. And now my life is at stake.

⁎ ⁎ ⁎

♨️When I reached the ETH chain, I found lonely survivors. Those who could speak told me that the population of ETH was on the brink of extinction. The reasons for population decline were because of slow but continuous gas intoxications.

🤓Most people on ETH were scientists, so they turned to advanced technologies. The greatest minds of ETH crafted ships that could safely travel alone through space at warp drive. Their leaders realized that if they continued at their current rate of decline, their race would cease to exist.

👶🏽The idea was simple: to induct 500 volunteers who would travel the universe in a different direction. That made 500 different chances for their race to find life and procreate. (And you know me, I could teach them a thing or two about that.)

🌿Anyway, their story is a cruel irony because I pursue similar goals — to bring intelligent life and normalize things as they were before. That’s why I gave them a Teleport as a gift. With my invention, I did not only bring all of those who left back home but also watch them prosper. 🖖

⁎ ⁎ ⁎

🚀And right now I’m flying on one of their ships. Actually, “flying” is the wrong word. Which is the right one?

The word I’m looking for is “soaring”: The fuel cells were cracked after I tried to escape the asteroid cluster. I figured out a way to reverse the ion charge and bought myself about 24 hours of flight time.

🍎Now I’m probably light-years from home. Carrots that I stuffed my cheeks with yesterday will run out tomorrow morning and… that’ll be it.

🌌Ursula, I was really hoping to pull this one off. In fact, if it wasn’t for the eternally deep, dark, cold, and depressingly lonely space view, I would have preserved sprouts of hope. But I’m afraid there’s no hope left for me here.

I guess I’m just gonna rest for a while.

🖖🏼Scotty over an…



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