Scotty Beam

Scotty Considers His Chances, Embraces His Fate, and Makes Two Wishes

Scotty’s log, Space date: 0117.4., Earth date: 09.17.2021.

🚀Mine was a mission of hope, symbolizing the most remarkable step in NFT teleportation. Once beamed, any NFT could become the stronghold from which any indigenous people of the blockchain galaxy would advance and prosper.

✨That’s what I was thinking before, um… right before I embarked on that -in all senses- the most dangerous venture of my life. My heart was brimming with optimism and motivation. I thought of myself as the vanguard that would start a domino effect and set in motion the process of remodeling an uninhabitable planet into the crypto community’s next cradle.

Not in my wildest dream could I imagine I’d end up where I am now.

But where am I? To speak the truth, I have no clue. I literally have no strategy, no options, zip, nada.

👸🏻No Wonder Woman to save me.

…A friend, maybe?

⁎ ⁎ ⁎

“Wake up, Scotty. You’re safe now. I’ve got you.” — the distant voice echoed in my head. I was slowly recovering myself.

- Urzula? I knew you’d come and save me.
- Urzula? Who’s Urzula? It’s me. Dutsy.
- Who? What…?! Where’s Urzula?!
- I don’t know. You tell me.
- I thought you were her… Urzula’s my a… She is my… We work together. Who are you?
- Dutsy. We’ve met before.
- Do I suppose to know ya?
- Hell, yeah. Make no mistake, I firmly fixed that fact in my mind. And so your footprint did on the back of my left hind foot, by the way. New Ethereum, Mona Lisa, Validator, does that ring any bells?
- Dutsy? From an abandoned gas pump?
- It’s not abandoned. I mean, it certainly does need some decorating, but now the house is just in the dark and…
- But what are you doing here? How did you find me?
- Um, where do I start? Oh, ok, I know. Here it is. After you got me skinned in the deal, which wasn’t anywhere lovely of you, things got really bad. Word of the NFT Validator spread throughout the galaxy, and my business came to a standstill. Something had to be done. My former boss, Bill, introduced me to “business partners” of his. That’s how I teamed up with the pirates. I started helping them find rare NFTs, but outside of New Ethereum. In space. We hunt mostly for small and middle sized vessels; they are not usually hunted after. That’s how I found you. You don’t think I came to rescue you in the first place, do you?
- No, I couldn’t count much on it.
- Oh, c’mon, man. Don’t pity yourself. You are alive, isn’t that great?
- Yeah, I think so.
- Seriously, that’s nothing but short of a miracle I’ve run into you. You are one lucky lil-hamster-gangster. Not many of those left, you know?
- And I appreciate this very much. I will never forget what you did for me.
- My pleasure, Scotty boy. So, what’s next? Home?
- No.
- No? Scotty, listen, you have to…
- Dutsy, please. I’ve been stranded in space for two weeks. Alone. There are two things I want to do. One, I want tequilla hour or two and the other…
- That’s not going to happen.
- It’s not what you think. I want you to call Urzula and tell her to join us on a mission.
- Call Urzula? Wait, why? What mission?

⁎ ⁎ ⁎

🖖🏼Scotty over and out.