Scotty Continues His Explanation of How Cross-chain Intergalactic NFT Transportation Works

Ah… where was I?

In the last entry I have logged some details about the operation of the Transporter.

🚀I remember mentioning the connection to Ethereum and the retrieval of intergalactic transportation clearance. We covered NFT ownership validation and cryofreeze that puts NFT in the state of hibernation in Ethereum before beaming them and molecularly reconstructing in BSC.

❄️Right, cryogen! I have now stocked enough cryogen to transport all Ethereum NFT to BSC. Overkill? Maybe. But better safe than sorry. Plus, you never know when you might want to freeze some things.

Anyway, when NFT is put in the state of hibernation in Ethereum, the Transporter can be used to beam the NFT to Binance Smart Chain.

🌌Hit the big red ‘Beam it up’ button (Kirk insisted on the name) to initiate transportation.

The Transporter will then immediately ping the Oracle. The Oracle quickly scans prices, values and beams NFT molecules to the destination.

💻What’s the Oracle, you might ask? Well, she is my superintelligent assistant computer and referring to her ‘AI-based Price Oracle System’ does not necessarily roll off my tongue. Hence, I simply call her the Oracle.

This should do for today’s log. We will pick up from here in the next entry. Duty calls!

Check back at for the Transporter updates.

🖖🏼Scotty over and out.

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