Scotty Explains How His Technical Skills Allowed Him To Devise Unconventional and Effective Auto-teleport Feature

Scotty Beam
2 min readApr 25, 2021

Nailed it!

✨I made the critical improvements to the transporter and am about to roll them out. So get ready for the big reveal!

But before that… Let me tell you something:

🌎I always kept in mind the day when I could proudly say about this particular invention: One small step for a hamster, one giant beam for the community.

This day has come.

The other day I was pondering on which features the transporter mechanism should have.

🚀To make the transporter function flawlessly and have the security-first cast of minds, I elaborated a whole brand-new feature that helps me automate the process of teleporting NFTs from BSC back to the Ethereum realm in a blink of an eye. Some sort of autopilot system.

I called it Auto-teleport.

Here’s how it works.

  • I activate auto-transport by pressing the corresponding button.
  • Then the transporter transmits my request to the command center.
  • The command center processes the request and executes the command on burningBSC B-token at the BSC side and then beams it to any realm where it could be reconverted back into its original pattern.

🌌Since the procedure is fully automated, I can move my precious NFT items with minimal transaction fee losses. The nice bonus: I had to interfere in the whole process only once — at the first step.

🔗This is how I made my vision into reality: the first cross-chain space docking station, a harbor for ETH-BNB tokens traveling between the two blockchains, a safe haven for NFT tokens to pass through when migrating from one blockchain to another — all that is finally here for the community.

I want to take a moment and say thank you all for your support and faith in me.

🌠I’m sure more places are awaiting all of us ahead of our long-lasting journey. More bright ideas, outer worlds and far-away galaxies to explore.

As for now, you are more than welcome to head your starfleets to Scotty Beam’s space docking station that teleports NFT tokens to the Binance Smart Chain universe.

See you all soon.

🖖🏼Scotty over and out.



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