Scotty Explains How to Beam Any Token From One Chain to Another


🖖🏽It’s me, Scotty Montgomery, the Chief Engineer at Want to log this outrageous idea I dreamt up yesterday when fixing up a faulty generator.

💡I came up with an idea of a cross-chain space docking station, a harbor for all tokens across all blockchains, a safe haven that every token passes through to migrate from one blockchain to another. I saw it like it was real!

And yesterday it all clicked. Not only that I fixed that generator problem, I also realized that the Binance Smart Chain is the engineering masterpiece I need to make my vision into reality!

🚀I will use the power of BSC and Binance Bridge Project to engineer a cross-chain docking station that will enable me to peg any token in and out beaming them up from and to any chain!

Even if the token has never been beamed before I will be able to create a new B-token pegging it to its value in the mainland blockchain!

But this isn’t it! Wait until I tell you the craziest part about my idea!


❗️❗️❗️I have already started building a prototype transporter and I intend to use it to escape the Ethereum gas crisis and move all my precious NFTs into the safe realms of BSC!

More on that later though.

Scotty over and out.



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Scotty Beam

Scotty Beam

First ever cross-chain NFT teleport and space hamster. Website: