Scotty Overestimates His Running Skills and Talks About the Latest Addition to the Teleport

📝Another day, another entry.

🎡Last week I was spinning my running wheel and going through a catalog of ambitious dreams, plans and ideas in my mind, as you do when you are working out. You know, molecular transposition, hamster exoskeletons, cell mutations, the usual stuff.

💡Suddenly, my mind randomly shifted to a completely different subject matter. Efficiency.

This is weird in particularly my case as I am not too big on efficiency.

🌌I mean, with the rate your boy is running this wheel, it could probably power a Bitcoin farm as big as Uranus. And all this horsepower is going to waste.

🍑Once, I shoved an entire monthly supply worth of nuts in my mouth just to see how much I could fit. Had to emergency land on the closest planet to restock and ended up having to eat nothing but something that smelled and looked like expired canned beans for a month. I am telling you, Ethereum ain’t seen no gas crisis yet. Not my brightest moment.

🚀But even I am not a lost cause. After all, I’ve built the Teleport that enables the cross-chain future of NFT no being in the universe could, and does it in a most efficient way, mind you!

✨Okay, that might have been a little more narcissistic than usual, but only because I am too proud to announce what my dwelling on efficiency has led to. The Huobi ECO Chain has been added as the new teleportation point!

That’s right, HECO — its whole thing is bent on efficiency — is now a part of the NFT Teleport!

💫You can now effortlessly and most efficiently bounce your precious non-fungibles across HECO, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.


💭Oh, and one more thing, this was not the only pesky thought that has been constantly circulating in my mind lately. A little cliffhanger for you out there. Until next time.

🖖🏽Scotty over and out.



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Scotty Beam

Scotty Beam

First ever cross-chain NFT teleport and space hamster. Website: