Scotty Reveals How His New Voyage to the Distant Platform Ended Up With a Supermassive Explosion [Followed By a New Discovery]

Scotty Beam
3 min readJul 2, 2021

📝Scotty’s log, Space date: 0047.4., Earth date: 07.02.2021. Our scout shuttlecraft is en route to Faraway Cosmic Platform S-1.

📈Recently, we’ve detected an anomalous portion of energy vibrations, which was presumably emanating from S-1. However, that particular area has not produced any radio transmissions before.

👓Lieutenant Urzula was the first who spotted those signals. According to the readings she had been taking from her display, the signatures of the released energy greatly resembled the signatures intrinsic to higher-yield platforms.

🚀So now, carrying out a mission on exploring new chains, we are on our way in the hope of finding an intelligent life (so as liquidity, of course).

Once we were getting closer to the platform, I started to assemble a landing party. Lieutenant Urzula volunteered to assist me in this deep space mission.

🌌We arrived at maximum warp, ready for any non-standard situation. Using the teleport, lieutenant Urzula and I beamed ourselves over precisely onto the platform. Upon arrival, to our surprise, we found no resistance — only frozen shadows that were reflecting off the station’s passageway walls.

- Where’s the station’s personnel? — Urzula asked.

- I’m not sure. Maybe they evacuated? In any event, the energy counter shows we’re not far from the source, so let’s keep moving. — I replied hastily.

❔The further we were progressing inside the platform, the clearer we realized something happened here, good or bad neither one of us could tell.

🕋Having reached the end of the third passageway, we then used the elevator to get on the upper decks. Unfortunately, that was a dead end. As a matter of fact, in front of us, there was a massive airlock door.

💣Having been short of ideas, we decided to brute-force it. No, we didn’t submit passwords to guess a combination. Au contraire. I suggested we destroy it in an old-fashioned style — we will blow it up!

“Just like that?” you may wonder. Yeah, just like that!

💥Under no circumstances am I saying it was my brightest idea at that moment, but c’mon, what’d you expect? When you set a hamster at bay, expect him to find a way [out].

📟Sure thing bourbon and beans can be a highly efficient explosive combination in somewhat inextricable and delicate situations. Yet I made use of something which had already demonstrated its Proof-of-Work idea: Luckily for both of us, I took the microwave pulse detonator. The beauty of this thing is that it is pointwise, meaning it concentrates all the energy of the explosion within itself, preventing the blast wave from spreading further than 400 inches wide. I call it unrequited love.

💨When the dust settled, and Urzula’s wild screaming grew quiet in my ears, I opened my eyes. Then I lifted and flipped the door, or, rather, what’s left of it: no numbers, no distinguishing signs, nothing.

Just the single inscription.

✨Although it was slightly effaced by the explosion, I was still able to recognize some letters. The inscription read: S O L .. .. A.

I exchanged glances with Urzula, and we stepped forward to the unknown.

I can’t exactly tell who created that energy field, but whoever built it definitely had all characteristics of a highly developed life form.

🖖🏼Scotty over and out.



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