Scotty Beam

Scotty Sheds Light on the Smoke Incident, Philosophizes a Bit About Their Mission, and Gets Everything Back to Normal

📝Scotty’s log, Space date: 0054.4., Earth date: 07.09.2021. Some kind of massive smoke with electric discharges slowly moving away from the ship… that was all I managed to see when I regained consciousness.

💣Evidently, the Station was attacked.

All I remember is that we were orbiting at average speed. Suddenly all of the Station’s sensors turned off, electric power decreased, and the comms failed. This sweeping series of glitches resulted in the whole Station going blackout.

But just for a few seconds.

💥When the abnormal phenomenon backed off, the power supply was restored as if nothing ever happened. It seemed like everything was fine, except it wasn’t — all crew members just… vanished. I was the only one who survived this happening.

💭You know, it’s funny how a hamster’s memory works: You can’t recall things when you try to, but your memories revive when you hardly think of them. At once, I remembered I read about these electrifying clouds in one of the technical publications (which, in turn, I read in between the experiments that were conducted on me.)

🌌In them, one mildly mad but galactically famous scientist reported that such an abnormal entity, or cloud, or smoke, or whatever you call it, might be alive. So, I believed I can reason with it through communication (don’t get me wrong, I was in my right mind; but, as the saying goes, all’s fair in love and war.)

☁️I open hailing frequencies and link in the universal translator. Then I told the “smoke” that the Station crew meant no harm and asked to bring everyone back. The “smoke” made no sound. I wanted to repeat myself, but within minutes all the crew came back to positions from which they had been taken.

- Finally, all of you are back. — I exhaled slowly.

💫Exploring other galaxies is a complicated mission, and, I guess, strange and wild things are an essential part of it.

📢Hardly thought about taking a nap when I heard an announcement on the loudspeaker. It was saying that a small group of merchant ships is approaching the Station — a positive sign that things are getting back to normal. I had no choice but to go to the transfer hub.

Once a rear loading ramp opened, a high silhouette showed up. When a man came out into the apron floodlights, I could make out the person more clearly: He wore a shabby tweed suit and a silk polka dot tie.

- Hi, my name’s Scotty.

- Hi, I’m Biz.

- What brought you to our Space Docking Station, Biz?

- I’ve got a couple of cargo space jets full of unique non-fungible tokens. Since I affreighted those jets, I need to teleport these NFTs to the other side ASAP. Can you do this?

- Sure thing, Biz. You’ve come to the right place. Teleport will beam your tokens with a speed of sound and at reasonable fee rates. Come on, I’ll show you. I promise you’d be pleasantly surprised by what you’ll see.

🍐P.S. Gosh! What a day! This whole “smoke incident” had totally crocked me out. I’m probably gonna go to bed. And when I drop off, may I dream of a basket full of slightly scorched sunflower seeds, juicy pears, and tasty carrots.

🖖🏼This entry is over.

Lights out!