Scotty Talks About the Clash With Pirates and Discusses a Grim State of Affairs of the NFT Copyright

Every hero needs a villain. So who’s mine?

💀Well, loud noises and unfriendly domesticated animals are high on the list, but nothing, and I mean nothing grinds my gears more than . Argh!

Recently that despicable bunch have attacked my fellow friends, catching them completely off guard. I should have foreseen that…

👀However, when things simmered down a bit, I seriously started thinking about the reason for such an attack. And what I discovered… Well, it made me open my beady little eyes.

☠NFT pirates are always lurking around to scout what they can line their pockets with.

💎On one hand, NFTs are unique digital items. Any digital object can literally become an NFT — you just have to place it on the blockchain as a token. On the other hand, NFTs are subject to copyright.

💰When I say NFT pirates, I’m not talking about cosmic pirates who hijack a private spaceship to grab someone else’s property or make a good haul, no.

What I mean is .

And just to make myself clear, I have put down a definition.

⚠️Where, in the name of the moon, is it?! It must be.. ri-i-ight here! Ok, let me see. Here it goes:

Pretty straightforward, I guess.

Now, about my findings.

🗿Digital piracy consists of the fact that artworks, which are the object of copyright, are used without obtaining appropriate permissions and paying reasonable sums of money to the authors.

💸It turns out that while space pirates took the money and things from the victims, the pirates involved in illegal copying took some of the potential income from the copyright holders. That is, they do not take money directly; they take potential income.

🔎In my understanding, it is an outrage. In order to reduce the effect of such piracy, I decided to implement the NFT Validator feature into the Teleport in the first place: So every digital author would have the legal right to make money off of their work and earn royalties from future sales.

📜Because NFT Validator will verify all information about NFT, confirm its origin and value, show transaction history, and create certificates of authenticity, you can be assured your identity as the NFT author is safeguarded.

🍀Actually, that reminds me of the recent dialogue in the Aberdeen pub I had with one fine gentleman. Don’t worry, nowadays I can control my beverage consumption, and it doesn’t interfere with my position at the NFT Dock Station, where I am a Chief engineer of The Teleport.

I’m going to tell you about it next time.

Now let me leave you there.

For more of my judgments about NFT issues, read this entry. For everything else, you’re always welcome to stop by my Twitter.

🖖🏼Scotty over and out.



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