Scotty’s Escapades, Chapter III: Scotty Thwarts an Unscrupulous Businessman by Allowing NFT Traders to Choose Different Marketplaces

Scotty Beam
6 min readNov 7, 2021


After helping the people of Nepostamia keep their NFTs in one place and move them easily across chains, Scotty had become a little bit of a phenomenon.

He was quickly becoming a symbol of helping out the little guy, and he was getting a lot of love from around the galaxy. The only downside so far had been that he was frequently hungover after having so many people buy him his favorite scotch. The night before had been no different and Scotty was desperate for some fresh air.

As the Enterprise stopped for a refuel and general service on a small planet, he scurried out and took a few deep breaths, his paws resting on his knees. For a hamster covered in brown fur, he looked very green.

After walking for five minutes, he found himself in the planet’s version of a café, desperately hoping no one would recognize him. He was out of luck. He hadn’t even been there 30 seconds, when a disheveled older man scooted his way onto the chair opposite him.

“Scotty Beam! I never would have thought!” he grinned!

“I’m not Scotty. I don’t even know who that is,” Scotty lied immediately.

“Oh, you must be one of those other giant hamsters so commonly found around these parts,” came the sarcastic reply. Scotty knew he had been caught out. Being such a handsome, famous, charming hamster did have a few downsides other than the hangovers, he supposed.

“Okay, fine. You got me. I’m Scotty, nice to meet you,” he sighed.

“I’m Artie Loman and I’ve been reading all about you!” Artie lifted up his briefcase, which was scuffed on the corners, opened it, and showed him a headline he’d printed out.

The Rodent Who Became an Unexpected Hero of Our Times!

‘A rodent?’ thought Scotty, seething. Why do they always say that before they say ‘engineer’ or ‘genius’? At least they had the decency to call him a hero, though.

“Anyway, it’s been nice to meet you, Mr. Beam. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some sales to make.” Artie began to go, leaving Scotty the headline as a souvenir. But just then, he overheard a booming voice yelling across the café.

“Are you still trying to get a little piece of the sales pie, Loman? Well, we can’t all be a success!” The owner of the deep voice laughed to himself, his cigar smoke adding to the aura of unpleasantness. His gold watch glistened as he seized the coffee cup straight out of Artie’s hands. ‘What a pig!’ Scotty thought to himself.

“Your commission for this month barely covers my coffee for today, so this one should be on you, Arthur!” Scotty could see that Artie wanted to say something but the man swallowed his words and headed outside. Scotty wasn’t interested in playing the hero. He liked the praise, but he hated the effort. But then again, he hated bullies even more. He took a deep breath and ran out to see Artie.

“Who is that buffoon?!” he asked, incredulous that anyone would speak to another being like that.

“That’s Bernard Wagner, the NFT powerhouse around these parts,” Loman replied, resigned. “I used to make a good living, but the fees he’s instigated makes it impossible now! I can barely make ends meet these days! But what can I do? The other marketplaces are dead, so even with these extortionate commission fees, it’s the only place to make any money.”

Scotty gave Artie a proper look over. His suit had probably been very nice when he bought it a few decades ago. His shoes were meticulously shined, but clearly old. His hat was frayed and his glasses were held together at the arms with tape.

Then, he looked over at Wagner. In contrast, he was wearing a suit that cost more than a flying car and his wrists and hands were covered in bling, but it was becoming increasingly obvious that he had no talent. He was a glorified thief. And there were few things Scotty hated more than a thief.

“What if I found you a better marketplace? Somewhere you could sell your wares without Wagner?”

“There’s nothing good around here,” Artie sighed.

“I think I have an idea!” Scotty smiled, beckoning Artie to follow him to the teleporter. “Are you ready for a world filled with opportunity?”

“I think so.”

“Then let’s go!” Before Artie could even digest his words, Scotty had slammed the keypad and the two of them vanished.

“What is this place?” Artie asked, amazed at the number of people milling around, wallets at the ready.

“I told you, I’ve found you a better marketplace!”


“My teleporter makes it easy to connect on different chains, opening up a whole new world of trading and opportunity. Why should you make all that money for Wagner when he doesn’t do anything? You’re the one with the talent, Artie! You should be the one who benefits. From now on, you choose the marketplace with the best fees and with customers who love your art!”

Artie couldn’t believe his eyes. Sure enough, no sooner had he started to display his NFTs, than the trades started flocking in.

After a successful couple of hours, Scotty took Artie back to the café so they could celebrate before the Enterprise took off once more. Immediately, they spotted Wagner, who was clearly annoyed to see that Artie was back again, rather than selling in his marketplace.

“Loman! Shouldn’t you be working?!” he boomed.

“I’ve got a new marketplace now, Bernard. One where I don’t need to pay YOU a huge percentage of what I make.” Artie’s outburst immediately attracted the attention of several other patrons, many of whom sold their NFTs on the same marketplace. They started to move closer. Bernard laughed in disbelief.

“I’m the only way to trade around these parts, Loman. Don’t be such a fool!”

“No fools here — except you!” Scotty interjected. “Artie has the power to help everyone make money through trading. Your marketplace only benefits you!” Bernard’s eyes turned dark.

“Listen here, hamster, I am the power here! You’ll live to regret this… or maybe you won’t!” He leapt over the table and tried to grab Scotty, the biggest risk to his financial security and superiority. Fortunately, this was one of the times when being a giant hamster was helpful — quick legs! Scotty jumped up and scuttled with all his might, calling a goodbye to Artie over his shoulder as he made his way back to the Enterprise. Wagner followed but the years of getting fat on other people’s sales had made him slow and unfit.

Exercise was never Scotty’s favorite thing to do either, but being caught by an unfashionable victim business scammer was further down the list! He could see the Enterprise, engines on and presumably ready to go. He threw himself through the open hatch, slamming the door behind him.

“You can scuttle, but you can hide from me, hamster! I’ll find you!” bellowed Bernard through the hatch. ‘Well,’ thought Scotty, ‘this is not ideal.’ When you’re a chronically lazy hamster, having to fear an unscrupulous businessman whose livelihood you destroyed is not the best way to relax.

But surely Wagner couldn’t find the Enterprise? Even Scotty BEAM didn’t know where it was heading half the time. He reassured himself that he would probably be OK.

Still, it might be worth sleeping with one eye open.



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