Scotty’s Escapades, Chapter V: Scotty Champions Cost-Effective NFT Trading Between Planets

As they walked past the Romubot, the crew were amazed.

They simply couldn’t understand why he was guarding what looked to be a city of its own, completely isolated from the rest of the planet. Immediately, they knew they needed to split up and figure out what was going on. Were the citizens being imprisoned? Did they know there was a world outside?

They were on a mission to find out.

Scotty wasn’t known for being the most tactful, but that had never mattered to him before. He wandered through the streets for a while before stumbling upon a young man, who was sitting alone on a bench.

“Hi, do you mind if I sit?” Scotty started.

“Not at all. Always nice to see new faces! I’m Doohan.”

“I’m Scotty. Yeah, so…what’s the deal with this place?”

“What do you mean?” the man asked, genuinely confused.

“The…the guard outside?”

“Oh, Romubot! This whole planet was part of a trade war and we were sick of being drawn into it, so we created this place. He offered to guard us all, in exchange for us keeping his belongings safe. Then, when the trade war ended, we decided we liked it here so we stayed.”

“So, you’re just cut off from the universe?”

“No! We can still communicate with other people and visit different planets to give our friends gifts. Well, we used to when we could afford it. The trade war has made everything way more expensive and the head of the market here charges a fortune too. There are only a few deliveries to other planets a month, so most of us can’t afford to trade. I miss being able to trade my NFTs with friends and feel that sense of community.”

Scotty was infuriated. He had been worried that these people were being kept prisoner by a nefarious Romubot, but it turned out that lazy transportation was the real problem. He bade the man farewell and immediately made his way to meet the owner of the marketplace.

Leo Ferengi was lazier than Scotty could have anticipated — and Scotty was pretty lazy himself.

He even moved around unbearably slowly, as though walking from his desk to the door was more effort than he was willing to put in. Scotty scurried in, ready to tell him about the opportunities for trading across currencies without the need for courier services, but as soon as the door opened, Leo screamed.

“Ahh! A mouse!” He ran to stand on his desk. ‘Probably the first time he’s run in years,’ Scotty thought to himself.

“Och! I’m not a mouse! I’m a hamster! Anyway, I need to talk to you about trading!” Leo was still visibly frightened, but his interest was piqued.

“What do you need to trade? The last courier left a couple of days ago, so you’ll be waiting a while.”

“No one needs to wait a while! It’s easy!”

“You need to wait a while here. I’m where trading starts and ends, so believe me, I know.”

“People don’t need to rely on you! Why wouldn’t you make it easy to trade? People are already isolated so why not let them communicate with their friends and trade more?”

“Well, it’s expensive running a business like this, Mr. Hamster.” As he spoke, Scotty noticed the gold watch glistening on his wrist as the man grinned.

“It doesn’t have to be! In fact, I’m going to show everyone here how easy it can be, and that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Especially…when you’re just helping people trade rather than buying yourself accessories!”

Ferengi was furious but Scotty had scurried out of his office before he could utter a word. It was time to tell Doohan how cheap it could be.

“Wait, so I can just use your teleporter, get it to my friend Pine quickly, and you won’t add on extortionate fees? It feels like there must be a catch, Scotty!”

“Of course there’s no catch! I want you to be able to trade with your friends. Anyway, I’m well taken care of on the Enterprise; what good is a solid gold watch to me?” Scotty Beam beamed. “Are you ready to send?” Doohan placed his NFT into the teleporter and whoosh, it was gone instantly!

“Wow! That’s amazing! I LOVE it!”

“Aye, and your friend can send one too — no problem!”

“Well, he probably won’t. Even without the fees, there’s so much difficulty trading between different planets, so we hardly feel like it’s worth it. And we aren’t allowed to accept his currency anyway.”

There and then, Scotty knew this mission wasn’t over.

“Doohan,” he said. With my teleporter, you can pay in the currency of your choice!”

Doohan’s eyes widened.

“Where’s your friend?” asked Scotty, packing his things in a hurry.


“Because I think it’s time I paid his planet a visit, too!”




First ever cross-chain NFT teleport and space hamster. Website:

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Scotty Beam

Scotty Beam

First ever cross-chain NFT teleport and space hamster. Website:

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