Scotty’s Escapades, Chapter VII: Scotty Saves a Planet From Pirates by Validating Everyone’s NFTs

Scotty Beam
4 min readNov 18, 2021


While he was tinkering away with the teleporter, trying to figure out what else he could solve, one of the crew came rushing in.

“Scotty, the captain needs to speak with you urgently!” he gasped. Scotty didn’t hesitate — he scuttled as fast as his legs would carry him, ready for another adventure.

“Aye, Captain, you called for me?”

“Scotty, there has been a string of NFT thefts concerning several planets and, unfortunately, our very own Starfleet members.”

“Oh no! What do you need, Captain?”

“We’re landing in a village that has been the victim of the infamous pirate, Captain Jerk. We need you and your teleporter to help validate everyone’s NFTs before they return in a day or so.”

“Aye, Captain!” Scotty grinned, always excited to explore the capabilities of his magnificent invention.

As they arrived at the village, they saw the devastation that had been left behind by Captain Jerk and his unruly crew. Immediately, the crew was greeted by Nimoy, the villager who had contacted them in the first place.

“Mr Beam, your teleporter is famous all over the galaxy! I just wish I’d have heard of it before the village lost all their NFTs,” he sighed. Scotty was sympathetic. He knew that, unfortunately, most validation systems were ineffective and that made it hard to prove the provenance of your NFTs.

But he also knew that he’d worked extremely hard on his teleporter, and that this was his chance to close that gap.

“Well, my friend, let me show you how this works!” He led the visibly excited Nimoy to his teleportation room.

“I can’t believe I finally get to see it in person!”

“This,” Scotty began, “validates NFTs so you can see that they’re the real deal. And this,” he said, pointing to a different area of the teleporter, “is where we make the digital authentication certificates so you can always prove what you have, or check that what you’re buying is legit!”

“This is amazing, Mr Beam!”

“Ah, please, call me Scotty! My father’s name is Mr. Beam. Well, actually, I’m not sure what he was called…hard to remember much before the experiments…but there’s no need to worry about that now! How about we plan how to take on those filthy pirates together!”

As Captain Jerk and his merry crew disembarked, ready to take even more from the villagers, it was hard for everyone to hold it together. They approached Nimoy almost instantly, displaying an NFT he’d been eager to get his hands on for a while.

“Captain Jerk, what’s the price on this one?” he asked.

“Ooh, it’s a much sought-after piece, that one. But as you’re a friend, I’ll do you a good deal.” Nimoy looked around for Scotty and was glad to see him nearby, ready with the validation device.

“Well,” Nimoy began, “just let me run it past my friend first.” Scotty stepped forward with the validator. Almost immediately, it let out a loud beep, followed by the words, “Not Validated!”

Captain Jerk could not believe what he was seeing! No one had managed to outsmart his con before and now, here was this filthy rodent threatening to destroy his criminal empire!

“You dirty little rat!” he screamed, chasing after Scotty.

“Hamster!” Scotty corrected, scurrying as fast as he could. “Dirty little hamster!”

“You’ve ruined my entire enterprise!” Jerk boomed, reaching for his sword. Scotty closed his eyes, thinking that he might have taken on the wrong villain this time, but as he waited for the final blow…nothing happened. He opened one eye, then the other, and was taken aback to see Captain Jerk sitting down, sobbing into his knees.

“Now what will I do?” he cried! Scotty was confused. He knew to expect the unexpected with the infamous Captain Jerk, but this was truly unimaginable.

“You’ve got a knack for these NFTs, Captain! Why not just fund your adventures by doing it the legitimate way?” Scotty asked.

“But I’m a pirate, not a computer nerd!” he sobbed.

“Well, hang on, ‘nerd’ is a bit strong!” Scotty stopped himself from going any further; he didn’t want the Captain to have another mood swing that left him a hamster kebab on the pirate’s sword. “This is why I made my teleporter, Captain! I want anyone to be able to trade legitimately, with easy validation, cross-chain capabilities, low fees…the whole nine yards!”

“So, I don’t need to be a FINANCE expert?”

“Of course not!” Scotty smiled. “Captain, why don’t I tell you all about it?” And with that, Scotty sat down and told Captain Jerk all about the opportunities his teleporter could bring.


Scotty had never set out to save the galaxy, but it had turned out that being a genetically modified hamster had made him a little bit different. His work to make NFTs open to everyone sure was tough, but someone had to do it.

And that someone was Scotty Montgomery Beam!



Scotty Beam

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