Scotty’s Week, Dec 6th — Dec 10th

It has been a busy day at Scotty Beam’s Space Station!

I promised to share some details about my upcoming NFT collection yesterday and made a habit out of recapping every week to document my progress!

There’s plenty of info to share. For example, the upcoming INO!

Upcoming INO

It will consist of two steps.

First, I plan to hold some pre-sales on different INO platforms, tapping into big investor communities. I established a lot of connections and made a ton of kind partners over the last few months. Then I’ll set up a sale and collection reveal on my website!

Every buyer will get a right to mint a random NFT from my primary collection! You can expect unique NFTs with rarity levels.

I recommend you to check out my announcement about INO to be ‘in the know’ about where I’m heading in the near future.

MEXC Listing

We started the week with a BANG, getting listed on MEXC.

They’ve listed us in the innovation zone under SCOTTY/USDT trading pair! A bit later we opened a Trading Contest, putting 75,000 $SCOTTY up for grabs! Since then the contest has ended, but you can still trade on MEXC.

We will update you with the list of contest winners next week!

Improvements To My Teleport

On Monday we also announced the improved Teleport. I’ve been working to improve its performance and reliability, and I am pleased with the results. Here’s the change log:

  1. I’ve added a ‘Cancel Teleport’ feature so you could have more flexibility with NFTs.
  2. I’ve added ‘Teleport Statistics’ to the interface, allowing you to see additional info, like a number of completed and cancelled teleports.
  3. The cross chain gallery with a preview is also here, making it handy to see all your NFTs in one place.

This could only mean good things for the number of overall teleports, right? There were 139 teleports total from December 4th till today. Not too shabby!

If you have any technical issues with The Teleport, don’t be shy, drop a message in Telegram to my other alter ego — @ScottyBeamTechy.

Just keep it formal, ok?

Scotty Beam + HyperID = MultiPass

On Tuesday I shared the benefits of a single-location NFT collection in my Medium blog and Telegram channel, and announced partnership with HyperID — a single, blockchain-based ID for all your services!

Less than 24 hours after the announcement you could claim MultiPass, which will allow you to skip all the tedious KYC validation processes for partner services that use HyperID.

If you have passed a KYC for my own Community Sale, which happened on November 8th, you’re eligible for a claim! Claim Multipass, if you didn’t already!

There have been close to 1500+ claims in a week, which is pretty cool.

Scotty Beam Is Now Listed on HotBit!

Two listings inside one week, would you look at that?

What’s even cooler — HotBit listed us on their own, and you are free to trade it on the exchange!

I’m over the moon about this milestone, and happy that everything went forward so quickly.

LockNess and CyberWallet as New Partners

On Wednesday I announced a strategic partnership with Lockness IO!

Lockness is your go-to P2P Escrow gateway securing GameFi, Metaverse, Marketplaces and beyond! To celebrate this incredible occasion, we have decided to put up 250 NFTs for a giveaway to our amazing communities.

To enter this giveaway, you have to log in using one of your social media profiles and if you’re determined to give yourself the best chance of winning — you can complete some additional tasks. You can join the giveaway, it is still active! 10 days left though, so I would hurry.

On Thursday I’ve also declared partnership with CyberWallet!

СyberWallet is a secure, trusted and non-custodial wallet that creates a safe haven for your crypto portfolio! You can safely buy, stake, trade or swap crypto in CyberWallet. This partnership will be mutually beneficial, and I’m excited to tell you more about it in the near future!

And last but not least…

$SCOTTY Numbers

💰Public Round Price: $0.04

💰Current Price: $0.08 (x2)

🚀7 Day Trading Volume: $637.53K

🚀7 Day LP reward APR: 22.15%

📈Total Liquidity: $255.17K

📈Market Cap: $1,246,588

Well, it’s not the best week in the history of Scotty Beam, but I’m excited for the future, as I’m preparing for the upcoming INO. Well, I guess that’s it for now. Thanks for your support, let this Friday be the worst day of this year.

Scotty over and out!



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