Scotty’s Week, February 1st-4th

Scotty Beam
3 min readFeb 4, 2022


Time to put another week in the basket!

It was a pretty packed stretch, even though I fell down with a sickness on past weekends and subsequently Monday. This explains why we’re counting it from February first, Tuesday.

So, while suffering from illness I had a weird dream, the one where I forgot to send airdrop winners their prize NFTs. Can you imagine something like that happening in real life, haha?

What was that?

Oh, That Wasn’t a Dream

But hey, I covered for that on Tuesday!

50 NFTs from the Scotty Beam Prime collection were sent to their rightful owners. Don’t forget about the Mystery Scotty Beam collection either! The reveal event will happen after the final INO planned for early March.

Whenever I decide to step up, you know your boy is going down. Not a fan of that feeling, so please excuse the delay with the reveal.

What else happened on Tuesday? I encouraged people to ‘MOO’ on my Twitter, if they agreed with an article that felt bullish about my token!

Unbullievable reaction, beamers! Back to the cow-culus

Can we all agree that the Chicago Bulls’ mascot is the top mascot in the NBA? If anyone watches it, I would like to know your opinions in the comments. Back to the hamsters!

I am drafting an article about why bridges are for, khm, the riches, and how my Teleport is different from the competition, what it can do and how it works under the hood, so to say. I hope you find that blog post useful when it drops. It takes some time to refine the material and present that magic in a semi-comprehensible manner.

For now, I’ll just say that I don’t spawn a gazillion of clones on multiple chains, or make wrapper for a wrapper to wrap a wrapper. Teleport keeps it simple!

Actually, What About The Teleport?

Funny you should ask!

We’ve done some record numbers this week, mostly down to a game called Ghospers. Someone namedropped me in their chat and boom, hundreds of people flipped their Ghospers NFTs from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain!

Why did they do so? Ghospers allow to stake their NFTs in BSC, but lots of users have it in ETH. That spike of activity woke me up from a mundane day in the wheel, not gonna lie.

But wait… there’s more organic traffic heading down my main attraction!

Universe, an innovative DaaS on the Avalanche network, shouted out my protocol to “teleport your Planets from Avalanche to other blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Fantom” which was greatly appreciated. They acquired $10,000 worth of $SCOTTY on PancakeSwap! MOOOOOOO, that’s bullish.

It feels great when projects find out about you through word of mouth. If you’re inpatient, review the Teleport numbers at the bottom of this post!

My Army Is Growing In Numbers Too

Two heads is better than one, right?

Not to say I’m doing everything solo or on a budget like Robert Rodriguez in El Mariachi. The team behind Scotty Beam consists of a healthy number of good-willed people. But now we will get some reinforcements and hopefully will disappoint you more efficiently!

Jokes aside, it’s not only that we are expanding the number of crew members. We’re also adding some projects who wear the ‘big boy pants’. Heard of tofuNFT?

Yeah, one of the biggest NFT marketplaces is not only an offering place for my artworks, but also looks to try something more innovative in the future. Oh hell yeah, I’m eager to do some more business with them very soon.

Weekly numbers for chart-peepers:

🐹 $SCOTTY Numbers 🐹

💰 Current Price: $0.01386

💧 Liquidity: $72.75K

🕤 Trading Volume (24H): $742,465

🚀 Market Cap: 549791.658

🥇 Circulating Supply: 42,291,666

👛 Holders: 10240

✨Teleports: 513 (!!!)

And that’s a wrap, humans. Your loyal subject is logging off for a few days to continue my madvillain experiments in the lab.

Scotty over and out!