Scotty’s Week, February 7th-11th

Scotty Beam
3 min readFeb 11, 2022


NBA drafts All-Stars, F1 presents cars, and Scotty is busy writing stuff for his GitBook.

But not only that! While this week feels like a quiet one, it’s actually been a very interesting one for those in the thick of things, and behind the scenes. You know I’m in the process of recruiting more people to the team, right?

Well, add one more good human to the team! Adaptation will take time though, it’s hard for fresh minds to digest all the info my tech is offering. Hence the reason why I felt it was a good time to present info about my project in a more appealing manner.

I could share a few snapshots from my doc so far, if you really want to know what’s up.

Is it all written out in this style? Well, maybe yes, maybe no. It is still a work in progress and I need to find my voice.

Also, I told you about my plans to cook up a material that would explain the inner workings of my Teleport, but the guy who makes graphics for me fell ill, and that’s no bueno. I couldn’t be bothered to attempt that figurine choreography on my own, so please bear with me there.

In this blog I don’t need moral support from the team, I let my hamster feelings flow as they go. If you’re into reading my blogs, and missed the latest one, you still have time to check my piece on why I hate regular bridges.

For those who want to get technical right away, I got something for you too!

I don’t know if many of you will know what to do with that, but I’ve shared the link to my GitHub page, where you can poke around my API (stands for Application Programming Interface). It ain’t much, but it’s honest work, as one meme says.

ScottyBeam committed on Dec 24, 2021. Christmas Eve, anyone? And some say I’m not dedicated enough, smh.

Alright, let’s get to the topic that doesn’t let some people eat and sleep in peace, the price of $SCOTTY. If you have been around the block for more than two minutes, you already know that my vesting looks like this: 20% unlock at TGE, then 20% every month for 4 months.

And that unlock date is usually happening on the 10th, and this month 8th day of the month. This is why ‘market green, hamster red’, basically.

What about The Teleport itself!? Well, dear friend, there were 113 NFT teleported NFTs this week so far. It’s good that the quiet week is giving me former all-time records, we are growing. I’m making this report earlier in the day, so the number could change too. I’m very happy that Ghospers gamers are relying on my tech so much, and making a big part of the movers-and-shakers.

Also, I saw some ‘World Around Us’ and ‘Angry Ape Army’ NFTs being moved using my tool today. And here are some raw numbers to round off this little report of mine.

🐹 $SCOTTY Numbers 🐹

💰 Current Price: $0.01129

💧 Liquidity: $69,227

🕤 Trading Volume (24H): $232,800

🥇 Circulating Supply: 42,291,666

✨Teleports: 113

I’ll catch you all on Monday. Scotty over and out!