Scotty’s Week, January 17th-21st

Another week in the bag, and I have plenty to share!

Now firmly in the work mode, I am looking to prepare everything up for rewards distribution. If you remember, this past Monday I announced that the rewards were delivered to the winners of #ScottyINOChallenge on Twitter.

In fact, the transfers were made late on Friday 14th, I just didn’t have a spare set of paws to shoot the messages to the social channels.

Here’s proof that I kept my promise, all ten winners got their prizes!

I got a lot of helpful answers, such as this one:

This guy knows what’s up! And here was I wondering why these hot crypto babes are sliding into my DM’s offering me to buy some promotional tweets. It was all down to my looks…

You know, I try to ignore these promotional tactics, because I think we’re growing just fine on our own. Really, for all the ‘zero marketing’ shouts I get, the least of my troubles right now is the number of followers.

Currently sitting at 72K on Twitter and 58K+ on Telegram!

Yes, just a few days ago we had 50K!

Thanks for everyone who has joined my extended family so far, I wouldn’t be alive without you. Same can be said about my growing number of strategic partners. This week I landed two new partnerships, first with Game Up, and today with Koakuma!

You see the pattern there? Yeah, both projects are gaming-related and I think that’s where my talents could be used to their full potential. I’ll be talking more about me sniffing around the gaming sector in the future, just as I shared my thoughts on Peer-to-Peer NFT Exchange.

But really, most of this week’s time was dedicated to The Vault.

The Vault is a gathering place for unique NFTs acquired from my partners, affiliated projects and integrations. And you know, I had plenty!

This means it’s not all Scotty in there, but NFTs of different forms, formats and flavors. The Vault works as a treasury of sorts, with thousands of NFTs waiting for their true owner to receive them for their staking commitments. Soon enough the first portion of NFTs will be distributed to those of you who have staked their $SCOTTY tokens.

If you have forgot about the staking conditions, he’s an article dedicated just to that question. I have initiated the minting process for some newer collections, and soon enough my people will be seeing them on their wallets.

Yesterday I showed off some of my favorite artworks, and judging by your reaction, this was a good idea.

Not bad, eh? Your boy can rock sunglasses, moustache, Vincent Vega’s hairdo… There were more pop culture related NFT’s, you can scroll over them on my Twitter timeline.

And finally, thanks to one of my favorite people on that platform I was able to identify and report an IMPOSTOR!

Here, take a look. The cheek on that guy/gal!

I guess that’s what you have to deal with when you are a borderline celebrity.

Finally, a closing segment to my weekly updates. They say winter is coming, I say it has been here for a while now.

🐹 $SCOTTY Numbers 🐹
✨ Weekly NFT Teleports: 103 (!)
💰 Current Price: $0.014
💧 Liquidity: $76.77K
📈 Market Cap: $154,262
👛 Holders: 10240 (!)

Of course, the picture is not looking very good, but there are two positives. We have an increase in teleports for two weeks in a row, and we have more holders too.

I have said that 90% of commission fees will be used to buyback and burn tokens, and I’ll do just that when it will make the most sense.

As I see it, bad times don’t last forever. Much love to my supporters, it is amazing to see people having my back.

See you all on Monday! Scotty over and out :)



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