Scotty’s Week, January 24th — 28th

Scotty Beam
2 min readJan 28, 2022


The weather is pure dreich today, lads.

Sometimes a gloomy state of affairs behind the window boosts my writing skill, but I’m not sure that is the case today. I’ll still crunch out a mini-update for my extended family members, or how I call them, my beamers.

I’ll start from the dessert — like any responsible homo sapiens would do! 🍰

NFTs Straight From The Vault!

My dear stakers have received their rewards yesterday! It was later in the evening, and I didn’t talk about it on my Twitter page, so sorry about that.

If you backed me with your monies in Scotty Beam App, well, I hope you like the NFT. Not all stakers got the NFTs though, as I explained the staking logic in the dedicated article.

This week was pretty quiet, as I continued to add more partnership NFTs to my Vault. In the process, I discovered many sketches and drafts that would be to good to just discard.

Presenting More Characters and Partnerships

This week’s ‘Under The Spotlight’ post is one of the steps to make you more familiar with The Scottyverse, if that’s even a thing. 🤔

In other news, I was hanging on the phone a lot, speaking to business partners in a modulated human voice.

We talked a lot about my project and where I see it being in a few years, and I guess Crypto Alien Babes liked what they heard, because now we’re working on the collaborative collection, akin to one I had with Lockness last week.

Things I Like Forward To

Expect to see more partnership NFTs in the near future, because I’m very active in my search of mates. 😏

Also, by my calculations, we’ll have around 60K followers on my Telegram channel by next week, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves there.

Now then, a few key numbers related to the $SCOTTY token!

🐹 $SCOTTY Numbers 🐹
💰 Current Price: $0.013
💧 Liquidity: $69.83K
🕤24H Trading Volume: $72,431
👛 Holders: 10240

There was a real uptick in the trading volume this week, yesterday it was $248,541! We have the same number of holders, and the price has somewhat stabilized.

Right now I’ll wait for answers from my partners, drink water, and relax.

Scotty over and out! 🖖