Stake Scotty Right Now To Get INO Allocation!

Scotty Beam
2 min readDec 10, 2021


Guys, this is by all means a special week!

I want to share something very important with you today — this weekend will be the last that will have the old staking percentage rates! And do you know why?

According to the forthcoming INO, I strongly believe that more and more users are going to join my amazing community and stake SCOTTY. That’s why we’re going to provide even more value to those who stake!

Starting today, staking SCOTTY will also influence your chances of getting allocation in Scotty Beam INO and all INOs that we will launch on our own cross-chain INO platform! We will also increase NFT bonuses for our stakers and change the percentage rates.

Here’s the staking APR will be after December 12, 2021:

3 months — 15% APR

6 months — 30% APR

12 months — 50% APR

Needless to say, staking made before Dec 12th, 23:59 UTC will not be affected. There also won’t be an option to stake for just 1 month, because I intend to give bigger value to long-term project supporters.

So hurry up, guys! Only 3 days left for the old staking APR conditions, make sure you’re in and ready for the coming INO with huge utility value! I’ll share the details about it later today.

Scotty Montgomery Beam is here to stay, and I believe that this will be great for the long-term, value-oriented model of development!