Under The Spotlight, Episode 4: Romubot

Scotty Beam
3 min readJan 25, 2022


Hey there beamers!

While I was stocking up my Vault with NFTs, I came across some of the characters used in the Scotty Beam Escapades.

It’s been a long time since I made some ‘creative storytelling’ on this blog, keeping it down to weekly updates, some guides and other serious info. Well, I don’t see a reason not to revive this activity and re-introduce you to Romubot — a screeching son of a gun who gave me trouble in the 4th chapter.

If you have missed those stories, you’re more than welcome to revisit them in your free time using a ‘contents’ post on my Telegram channel.

Now, let me provide some analysis on the robobro who makes life a chore for regular NFT enjoyers like you and me.

Appearance: Though he is a bot in name, Romubot is a human-like alien being from a race of warriors. Usually clad in a leather uniform inspired by that of the Samurai, they have Spock-like eyebrows and a menacing appearance generally.

Achievements: Romubot is the most feared opponent in battle. He can always manifest the best weapons, thinks quickly, and moves with precision. His achievements are his many, many victories.

Ambitions: Romubot doesn’t really think of the big picture in terms of his future. He wants to keep on winning, finding and using the best weaponry, and showing the universe that people from his planet are the strongest, bravest, and best warriors around.

Backstory: The name is loosely based on the Romulans from the original series. Romubot is very proud of his home planet, which is why he fights so hard for its honor and the honor of his people. A warrior trained in battle from birth, he’s a mix of the Spartans from 300 and the Klingons from the Original Series, but with a slightly friendlier demeaner.

Personality: Honor-bound and polite, Romubot is a credit to his people. However, he is a very sore loser and a failure in battle brings out a much nastier side to this seemingly two-dimensional fighter.

Behavior: Always ready to throw down in battle, Romubot is serious and always prepared. Generally, he presents himself as somewhat emotionless — until he is beaten in battle.

Daily Life: Committed to his battle, he spends every day training, eating his vegetables and researching the latest weapons so he can be even more formidable.

Fears: Losing, bringing dishonor to his family and being second best.

Suffice to say, Romubot is not a cool cucumber, and it is my duty to give you a better NFT experience!

Scotty over and out…