Utilities for ‘Scotty Beam Prime’ NFT Collection

Scotty Beam
3 min readDec 23, 2021


So yesterday I had an INO on Kaizen.Finance!

It’s been split into two rounds to give Kaizen Pass owners and whitelisted participants a head start. It lasted for thirty minutes, then it was free entry for all. The response my INO got is inspiring, kinda overwhelming even. Hope someone got a legendary NFT!

Remember rarity levels I’ve shared a few times before? No harm in repeating:

🙂 Uncommon(~59% from total)

😀 Rare(~30% from total)

😁 Epic (~10% from total)

🤩 Legendary (~1% from total)

Everything went well thanks to my loyal community who keeps motivating me to do bigger and better things.

Thanks to everyone who jumped in, we are just starting out! Since there will be some time before the Mystery NFTs will turn into digital art, we can use this pause to run over what benefits NFT owners got from yesterday’s event.

There’s a few, we are not just offering fancy hamham pics, we got utility up in this joint.

Increased Chances to Guaranteed Allocations In Cross-Chain NFT Sales

I believe that Scotty Beam Prime NFT owners should have first-choice preference and access to the newest drops on my platform.

5000 NFTs from Scotty Beam Prime Collection are dedicated for that cause, and getting them will increase your chances to get allocations in all forthcoming INOs that will be held on Scotty Beam platform.

After having INOs on partner websites, we’re going to do one on our own website — scottybeam.io, along with Prime Collection Reveal.

The plan is ambitious, but I wouldn’t like it any other way.

And finally, something that will boost the popularity of my technology!

Bigger APR And Chances To Mine NFT From The Vault

Two in one, what a deal!

NFTs from my Prime Collection will give you bonuses for staking, increasing your APR (Annual Percentage Rate), as well as the chance to mint an NFT straight from The Vault.

What’s The Vault? It’s a mysterious place where my NFTs gather to discuss their life problems before they are freed from purgatory by their master, hopefully you.

You may want to know that legendary NFTs will give you up to x2 for APR and a chance to mint an NFT from The Vault. One percent chance for one-percenters on my platform, it’s fitting.

Just so you would have a frame of reference, here’s how default APR looks like now:

✔️3 months — 15% APR with x1 chance of getting an NFT

✔️6 months — 30% APR with x1.25 chance of getting an NFT

✔️12 months — 50% APR with x1.5 chance of getting an NFT

Those numbers are pretty good, and they can grow depending on your involvement. But no pressure, only commit as long as you’re comfortable with your investment.

Discounts for Scotty Beam’s Essential Services

Something people can easily understand in this holiday season are discounts.

Nobody loves paying too much for transaction fees, and while my Teleport is less expensive than standard bridge solutions, I think it would be great to provide faithful supporters a discount on my main services. Those are…

  • NFT Teleporter
  • Cross-chain P2P exchange
  • NFT Validator

I believe the P2P NFT exchange will be used more in the future and cryptonians all around the globe could use some sweet discounts for it. Another little tool of mine, The Validator, that verifies all information about NFT, confirms its origin and value, also deserves some love.

Wow, it’s almost Christmas time and I need a drink, or maybe even a couple!

Scotty over and out!



Scotty Beam

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