What You Need to Know About SCOTTY Locked Tokens

Scotty Beam
2 min readNov 9, 2021


For the last couple of days, I have received numerous messages regarding the SCOTTY locked tokens. Everybody keeps asking what they are and where the real SCOTTY tokens are. No worries.

In today’s post, I’ m gonna debunk myths associated with SCOTTY locked tokens.

First things first, rest assured, SCOTTY locked tokens are 100% legit tokens. Let me show you:

SCOTTY Seed Locked (SCOTTY.SEED) [token name (token symbol)]
0x1D520187554C088821095cd7967cCce45f614F34 [smart-contract address]

SCOTTY Strategic Locked (SCOTTY.STRATEGIC)[token name (token symbol)]
0xA656B07f7D393C0cBDD121F79aC419ade9325Ae1 [smart-contract address]

SCOTTY Private Locked (SCOTTY.PRIVATE) [token name (token symbol)]
0x9Ab07878DBB1F0563B0d1f4A626E1E8404Ba35C7 [smart-contract address]

SCOTTY Public Locked (SCOTTY.PUBLIC) [token name (token symbol)]
0x42E2581154DC7699CE16A04bde5a4F11e01fdDd3 [smart-contract address]

So what the above spreadsheet does is reflect smart-contract addresses and the names as well as symbols of the SCOTTY locked tokens. You can check all smart-contracts yourself on the https://bscscan.com/.

Each one of them is named after the sale round and has its vesting schedule. For example, if you had purchased your tokens at the Community Sale, you received SCOTTY Private Locked, the symbol is SCOTTY.PRIVATE. If you had purchased your tokens at the Seed round, you received SCOTTY Seed Locked, the symbol is SCOTTY.SEED, and so on.

So by getting SCOTTY locked tokens, you immediately become a complete asset holder of SCOTTY. All you have to do is claim SCOTTY on the Token Generation Event on November 10th, 15:00 UTC, at ScottyBeam.io.

By the way, I have already posted the detailed guide on how you can claim your SCOTTY tokens.

Let’s beam to a better future of metaverse together.

Scotty over and out.