So How Does My INO Work?

Scotty Beam
4 min readDec 27, 2021


Guys, I am ready to share all the information about my Prime collection.

Something for you to read to remember things I have mentioned before, or maybe find out something new. Long story short, this is an article I’ve written so you would know why exactly you should buy my NFTs and feel good about it.

I also explain the concept of INO as a whole, not only in the context of Scotty Beam. But yeah, we will start with information about our own INOs first!

Scotty Beam Prime Collection Info

I have a rather unorthodox mystery INO model, because my need to innovate is never satisfied, so let me describe it for you very clearly!

Scotty Beam Prime Collection consists of 9,999 unique NFTs with your beloved Scotty!

They will provide its holders with different utilities and will be distributed like this:

  • 4999 NFTs will be dedicated to increase your chances to receive allocation in forthcoming INOs on ScottyBeam platform.
  • 2000 NFTs will provide staking bonuses, including increased APR and chance to mine NFT from our Vault.
  • 3000 NFTs will provide discounts to different cross-chain Scotty Beam tools, like NFT Teleporter, P2P Exchange and NFT Validator. Cryptonians willing to use my services will be happy to pay less in the nearest future.

All these bonuses will be packed into the different rarity levels:

  • Legendary (~1% chance)
  • Epic (~10% chance)
  • Rare (~30% chance)
  • Uncommon(~59% chance)

Basically, the more rare the NFT, the better is its utility value!

Pretty cool, right? I love mysteries, so that’s why I offer you to try your luck and buy my Mystery NFTs, having a random cool bonus from your furry hamster!

Scotty Beam NFT Sale Information

INO is split into two rounds — pre-sale and sale.

Pre-sale is to give my best followers the coolest conditions and a chance to get ahead of the pack. Pre-sale participants could grab up to 5 NFTs, but not more! We will hold a pre-sale on different INO platforms and with the final pre-sale on Scotty Beam website.

Last piece of Scotty Beam Prime will be sold on our sale round, also hosted on Scotty Beam website with no limits!

Must-know facts:

  • While the sale price stays 1 BNB, pre-sale participants could grab the limited amount of NFTs for 0.5 BNB and then buy more at the sale round.
  • Stakers of 12500+ of my $SCOTTY tokens will have guaranteed allocation in the pre-sale! You can refresh your knowledge about my staking bonuses and stake the necessary amount here. Each 12500 tokens staked will provide you with x1 allocation size (up to 5 NFTs)!
  • The reveal of Mystery NFTs from the ‘Scotty Beam Prime’ collection will happen in January. I won’t give you any dates in particular, but promise that the wait will be worth it.
  • The reveal itself will be automatic, they will hatch into digital excellence and you won’t have to do a thing!
  • My collection is already added to marketplaces and we will add more of them on different blockchains that we will announce sooner rather than later.

What Is An INO and How Does It Work?

If you guys are still wondering what the INO is, let me enlighten you a little bit!

The most popular current fundraising model in the crypto world is the Initial DEX Offering, or IDO, where investors are rewarded with tokens for funding the platform.

Same logic applies to INOs, so let’s talk about them in more detail.

Initial Non-Fungible Token Offering is an event where non-fungible tokens, later NFTs, are sold at the early stage of the project for a certain period of time.

NFTs can take the form of artwork collectibles, music, videos, GIFs, designer sneakers, sports highlights, virtual avatars, video games — you name it.

Basically, NFT is the digital representation of an asset on a blockchain for all transactions.

NFTs are gaining momentum and lots of newcomers dive into them, participating in INOs, which allow projects to easily issue limited edition NFTs. Sometimes INOs are used by artists to raise needed funds and only then launch their project.

INOs have a big advantage for participants. Most importantly reduced transaction fees with higher investment returns and benefit from inherent supply scarcity. Thus both creators and inventors are able to profit from the event.

I believe that INOs serve their purpose and resolve issues faced by both parties. It facilitates NFT liquidity, eases the listing process, and provides an inclusive experience for users.

Unlike IDOs, INOs have a much slower pace, and an added entertainment value to them!

I would like to thank everyone who participated in my INOs so far, and would like to remind them about all the utilities they are getting from this collection.

Hope this was a helpful blog post! Scotty over and out…